Organization List

1st Priority Search and Recovery 1st Priority Search and Recovery is bringing families back together by partnering with law enforcement and citizens to find the missing. 2nd Cup Awareness and New Life A 2nd Cup was established in 2012 to raise awareness of human trafficking issues in Houston—and to develop resources that help create a […]

FYI – The Info You Need to Know About Sex Trafficking

“Yesterday’s drug dealers are today’s pimps.” Misconceptions vs. Truths about Sex Trafficking: Foreign—–domestic Immigrants—–students Runaways—-neighbors Brothels—–hotels Massage parlors—–homes——snapchat Statistics You May Not Know: Greater than 100,000 online escort ads are posted daily in the US Over 300,000 victims in Texas Over 79,000 Texas victims are children Average age of a victim: 13 Average life […]